Inheritance Consulting

For inheritance, measures to avoid over-taxation are important, but you should also consider the source of funds for inheritance tax payment: Japanese inheritance tax is due in a lump sum just 10 months after the decedent’s passing.

Also of importance are outlining procedures for smooth transfer of real estate and bank accounts.

Even once you have decided to start planning your legacy, it is difficult to figure out where to start. Completing the necessary procedures in Japan require the help of professionals with various specialized qualifications, and there are few providers who offer a one-stop solution.

Consulting each professional individually can also cause difficulties in terms of cost inefficiency and difficulty obtaining cooperation among experts with differing points of view.

Part of the STK Group, STK Advisors supports legacy planning and inheritance settlement tailored to each client’s needs with the support of a diverse group of specialists in inheritance settlement legal procedures, inheritance tax accounting, and real estate. Our team can also provide consultation for international clients by native speakers in English, Chinese, and Korean.

The best time to start legacy planning is now, while you have time to take action that will protect your assets.

Financial Planning

Sound familiar?

  • “I’m worried about post-retirement living expenses”
  • “We are starting a family, but not sure if we have enough savings to cover future educational expenses”
  • “Is our monthly insurance premium appropriate given our current household income?”
  • “How much is a mortgage payment that is not burdensome?”
  • “We have trouble saving money even though we are frugal”

STK Advisors is here to help. Consult with our financial planners about your household budget.

We can help you visualize and project future expenditures through a simulation of future income and expenses.

Each household’s financial situation changes through life events: marriage, raising children, education expenses, etc. Through financial planning advisory we can help you review your finances and make decisions to ensure you are well prepared for the future.

How STK Advisors can help

  1. Bespoke financial planning support in collaboration with STK Group’s network of experts.
  2. 100% independent. We do not solicit insurance or mortgage products.
  3. Dedicated to helping each client achieve their goals.
  4. Fully confidential.


STK Advisors conducts lectures and seminars on a wide variety of topics related to matters of inheritance, solving international inheritance issue, and creating family trusts. Utilizing STK Group’s extensive area expertise, we organize and participate in events organized by financial institutions, real estate agents, and other professional service providers.

Please feel free to contact us to request a speaker for your next event.

Main Themes

Inheritance and registration

  • Identification of legal heirs
  • How to split inheritance
  • Registration procedures and required documents
  • Japanese heirs living overseas

International inheritance

  • Inheritance procedures when the heir is a foreign national
  • Inheritance tax treatment for international inheritance
  • Search for heirs who are foreign nationals

Inheritance and foreign nationals who own real estate in Japan

  • Issues when foreign nationals who own real estate pass away without a will
  • Inheritance registration procedures involving foreign nationals
  • Legacy planning strategy / international last will and testament preparation

Inheritance for individuals of Korean heritage

  • Japan inheritance procedures for Korean nationals
  • Explaining the Korean family register system and how to obtain necessary documents
  • How to request an addition to a Korean family register if no entry exists

Family trusts and civil law trusts

  • Property transfer to minors and children with disabilities
  • Smooth business succession to successors by shareholders of small and medium size companies
  • Measures related to elderly guardianship and inheritance for apartment building owners

Previous Events

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    Revised inheritance law and practical notes
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    Easy to understand with examples: introduction to family trusts
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    Real estate investment by non-resident foreign nationals
  • April 2019
    Inheritance under the revised Civil Code
  • November 2018
    Verification of suspicious transactions and real estate fraud cases
  • September 2018
    Current status regarding foreign real estate transactions and inheritance settlement issues
  • April 2018
    Acquisition of Japanese real estate by foreign nationals / Problems concerning acquisition of overseas real estate by Japanese nationals
  • February 2018
    Easy to understand with examples: introduction to family trusts
  • March 2017
    Advice from the field: due diligence for inheritance registration
  • November 2015
    Foreign Residents in Japan Buying Real Estate in Japan
  • October 2015
    Current status of overseas real estate investment and Japanese real estate investment as a basis for obtaining residence permission in Japan
  • May 2015
    Current status and procedures regarding sale of real estate to foreign nationals
  • December 2014
    Current status and procedures regarding sale of real estate to foreign nationals
  • April 2014
    Current status of purchase of Japanese real estate by foreign investors / Comparison between Japanese real estate registration system and overseas systems

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